The "Wieliczka" Salt Mine is one of the oldest enterprises in Europe. It was already a production plant in the 13th century, and over the following centuries it co-created the power of the Polish economy. It supplied salt to tables almost all over Europe.

Today, it is one of the most visited places in Poland, where intensive security works are carried out to protect historic sites. With its enormous heritage of material culture and the wealth of inanimate nature, the underground Wieliczka is a unique monument in the world.

The underground banquet and conference rooms tempt event organizers with natural scenery that cannot be found anywhere else. The salt walls shimmering with shades of gray and silver in the light of crystal chandeliers make a great impression. It is here, over 100 meters underground, you will have the opportunity to have a meal  in the heart of nature. We assure you that you will be charmed by this place.

Our conference dinner is planned to be a fantastic occasion to summerise the conference. We are planning the conference dinner to be not only focused on the dinner, but also to be preceded by a guided tour of the mine. The route is a walk lasting about 1 hour, during which participants will see the most spectacular parts of the mine.